Who we are

Our story

In 1963, Émile Lachance was 46 years old and the father of 4 children. He was a representative for IPL and an excellent salesman, but he wanted to do more. With some entrepreneurial spirit in his blood, he decided to start his own business and be the master of his own destiny to provide for his family. His wife, Lucille, who would have preferred to open a small hat shop, decided instead to support her husband with his project. She assisted him in the operations of the company, drawing from her own experience of working as a young woman while taking care of all the paperwork for her father's car garage. This is how the business was born in the family home.

Émile then sold his car to buy a van and he found suppliers to add to his plastic household product offering, all originating from IPL. He also travelled on the road to meet clients, his strength being on the field.

A few years later, their three eldest children join ed them in the adventure. Then aged between 18 to 23, they were helping the company to successfully deliver all orders.

Émile had other talents and decided to partner with someone to build a motorized camper that would serve as a demonstration room to serve all his clients in the Côte-Nord, Mauricie, Estrie and Chaudières-Appalaches. This innovative idea allowed him to conquer this large territory while having his ''hotel on wheels''. The road didn’t scare him and he could stop when ever he wanted. He liked to meet people and respond to their needs. This is what motivated him. The camper was an attraction! It was extremely rare at the time and people wanted to go inside of it, out of curiosity. It was foundation of a great relationship with customers.

Over a hundred products of all kinds for households were offered, some from IPL and others from Montreal suppliers. Samples were cleverly placed in the camper for display, and background music was even playing occasionnally!

In 1979, IPL offered Émile, then 62, to take all of Eastern Canada for the household sector. Far from thinking about retirement, he decided to go for it, always seeing the bigger picture and ensuring the future of his five children. The additional burden was significant, but he knew he would be supported by all the people who are operating within the company.

In 2003, Industries Emile Lachance Ltée (IEL), now in the hands of the 2nd generation, saw the opportunity to take care of IPL customers who bought in smaller quantities. It was a major challenge that propel led IEL and brought more customers in a new line of business. That was the start of the industrial division.

It was later in the 2000s that the 3rd generation arrived. Proud of everything their grandparents have successfully built, of all the work accomplished so far by the 2nd generation, together, they wanted to continue in the same direction to serve as many SMEs as possible by adequately meeting their needs.

i In 1963, IPL was named Industries Provinciales limitée and is now named IPL Global.